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Prebiotic mushroom farm

Prebiotic mushroom farm is producing Oyster mushroom, one of the most functional,
and edible mushrooms over the world.

Our Products

The farm has been producing Oyster mushroom under high professional follow up so thatits protein proportion to be high. This farm is unique in producing Oyster mushroom considering both quality, and quantity factors based on the customers’ demand. It is
supplying fresh and dry mushroom in various portion sizes to satisfy the customers’ interest.

Olyster mushroom



about our products

Product Discription

Its spent substrate is one of the potential biofertilizers as it contains various enzymes and plant nutrients. So, this farm is producing, and supplying mushroom spent substrate (compost) for market.

Spawn production is also another part of the business that provide pure mushroom seed for beginner producers. Mushroom production training supported by practical activities will be one of the main areas that prebiotic mushroom farm gives emphasis as a means of revenue.


we don't use any chemicals for our products

Fresh & Healthy

our mushrooms are fresh for healthy for people

100% Organic

the mushrooms are 100% organic

Our team

Professional composition of the workers in the company:

Microbiologist(Mycologist) for spawn production, Production manager (trained personnel for mushroom
production), marketing and promotion professional, business manager & financial manager.

making an impact

Social impacts of the business

The direct beneficiaries of this business are children, and women who are known as the vulnerable groups in a community. This business is creating job opportunity for women of child bearing age, and thereby it will bring change in the livelihood of children and women through increasing the access of proteinaceous and medicinal Oyster mushroom and being the means to generate money.
Moreover, youths in urban areas who are interested in mushroom production can be beneficiary from this business through trainings, creating market chains, supplying pure spawn with fair price.

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